Access WEST
Commercial Products and Services
Access West serves locations throughout the Alberta and British Columbia markets. Fully versed in current market fundamentals, we communicate on your behalf with the local utility to ensure your portfolio is managed seamlessly and effectively and leverage our industry knowledge to seize pricing opportunities as they arise.
Management Services
Access offers complete account management and marketing services, as well as customized, innovative products tailored to meet your company’s needs. Our highly skilled and experienced staff is dedicated to providing expert and professional energy management services to end use consumers across Canada.
With over 100 years of combined industry experience, Access has become a leader in transportation management and optimization. Our understanding of pipelines and utilities throughout Canada allows us to efficiently manage your natural gas portfolio while you focus on your core business.
Our risk management capabilities and outstanding market analysis provide you with tremendous flexibility to help manage your gas consumption costs and maximize your bottom line. As a major aggregator of Canadian consumers, our market knowledge and economies of scale translate directly into value for our customers.
Structured Products
Our competitive wholesale pricing options allow you to price your supply in a manner that is consistent with your individual risk tolerance and budget objectives. With Access, you can choose from full price certainty with our fixed price plan, or opt for some market exposure via an index based price plan. All of our programs are designed to let you mitigate your natural gas price risk appropriately and keep objectives in line with specific organizational policies.
Fixed Price
This product eliminates market uncertainty and protects your budget by locking in your commodity price for a term ranging from 1 month to 5 years.
Index (Variable) Price
Take advantage of daily changes in the wholesale market. Index pricing is fully transparent and follows the gas market up or down, but also allows you the option of “fixing” your gas price at a later date for the remainder of your term.
Access provides you with access to a number of published indices in Western Canada at delivery points that include Huntingdon, Sumas, Station 2, AECO and Kingsgate.
Blended Price
This product allows you to fix the price on a percentage of your full load requirements while allowing the remainder to float with the market on the index price.
Custom Products
Access has the ability to develop customized products to meet your specific needs including products priced in $USD or derivative products with embedded options.
British Columbia's CUSTOMER CHOICE Program
The CUSTOMER CHOICE program is an option available to small and large commercial customers on the FortisBC natural gas distribution system. Under CUSTOMER CHOICE, FortisBC continues to safely and reliably deliver your natural gas and customers will continue to receive only one bill from FortisBC. Benefits of the CUSTOMER CHOICE program include:
Confidence In Your Choice
No cost to enroll, no disruption to service and you will continue to receive only one bill from FortisBC.
Most importantly, the rate offered to you by Access is guaranteed not to change when prices rise.
Safe and Reliable
FortisBC will continue to provide safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to your home or business and provide you with the same quality of service as they have in the past including equal payment plans and 24 hour emergency service.
Fixed rate budgeting capabilities
One single bill (FortisBC Energy)
No meter upgrade required
Realize savings when the FortisBC rate is above your guaranteed rate
100% fixed pricing over a set term of 1 to 5 years