Frequently Asked Questions
What is Customer Choice?
Access is an innovative energy company supplying natural gas services to institutional, industrial, commercial and residential customers throughout Canada. CUSTOMER CHOICE is a program developed by FortisBC that offers BC residential customers a choice in natural gas suppliers. As of May 2007, residential customers have been able to choose to sign with a gas marketer for a long-term, fixed rate agreement.
The CUSTOMER CHOICE Program provides you with the option to choose who you buy your gas from. By choosing Access as your natural gas provider, you are protecting yourself from fluctuating gas prices by entering into a fixed rate for a period of 1 to 5 years.
How do I know if I am eligible to take part in the Customer Choice Program?
All FortisBC residential and small commercial customers using natural gas on the FortisBC distribution system in British Columbia are eligible to take part in the CUSTOMER CHOICE program.
How does Access supply natural gas to my home or business?
Access procures natural gas in the wholesale market and coordinates with FortisBC to transport the gas to your home or small business. There is no interruption of service by choosing to buy your natural gas with us.
Will I receive two bills?
No, FortisBC will continue to bill you as they always have. FortisBC will bill you directly for commodity, transportation and distribution costs. You will receive your contracted Access rate, and Access will be identified on the bill as your commodity provider. You will also continue to make your payments to FortisBC and will still be able to take advantage of their various payment options.
When will my contract take effect?
The effective date depends on the timing of enrollment with your utility. In British Columbia, CUSTOMER CHOICE Agreements will take effect at the beginning of each month, subject to one full month notice of the change to FortisBC.
What happens if I move?
For residential consumers, as long as your move is within the eligible FortisBC service areas, your energy agreement is fully transferable. Access would appreciate that you give at least 60 days notice prior to your move to ensure there is no disruption of service. For commercial consumers, as long as your move is within the eligible utility service areas, Access will allow you to take your energy agreement to your new location. However, your commercial natural gas supply agreement will need to be amended to reflect the new location. Access would appreciate that you give 60 days notice prior to your move. This gives us time to accommodate your move, amend the agreement and coordinate with FortisBC to ensure no disruption in service.
Is there a penalty for cancelling my agreement?
Once you sign your gas agreement with Access, you have 10 days to cancel without penalty. After this 10 day window, you may be subject to early exit fees.
Who do I contact if I experience a disruption in service or a gas leak?
FortisBC will continue to be responsible for repairs and maintenance. The costs of these services are included in the rates charged by FortisBC for distributing the gas. If you experience a disruption in service or a gas leak, contact FortisBC’s toll-free emergency number: 1-800-663-9911