Natural Gas
Access offers a proactive approach to complete natural gas account management and marketing services, as well as customized, innovative energy products tailored to meet your company’s needs. Our highly skilled and experienced staff is dedicated to providing expert and professional energy management services to end use consumers across Canada.
With our depth of experience, Access has become an industry leader in energy transportation management and optimization. Our understanding of pipelines and utilities throughout Canada allows us to efficiently manage your natural gas portfolio while you focus on your core business.
Our risk management capabilities and outstanding market analysis provide you with tremendous flexibility to help manage your gas consumption costs and maximize your bottom line. As a major aggregator of Canadian consumers, our market knowledge and economies of scale translate directly into value for our customers.
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Procurement Strategy
Our competitive wholesale pricing options allow you to price your supply in a manner that is consistent with your individual risk tolerance and budget objectives.
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Rate Optimization Program
Our Rate Optimization Program is a service that allows Ontario Multi Residential or Nursing Home buildings to select the Lowest Pricing option in the Ontario electricity market each and every month.
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Access Advantage
Your Access natural gas expert will strategically leverage real-time market information to seize pricing opportunities.
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Load Following Band
A load following band product is similar to the fixed pricing product stated above. For this product, a consumption band is added to the fixed monthly volumes. This product is designed for clients with varying consumption patterns and strict budgeting restrictions. Under this product, the customer must fix 100% of their expected load.
Hybrid Products
Access has the ability to create and develop hybrid products. We are committed to working with our customers to develop a product that will meet your business needs.
Full Service Account Management
  • Provide guidance on forward hedging & supply
  • Act as liaison with utilities & pipeline companies
  • Manage operational needs
  • Monitor & optimize portfolio position
  • Operate in a culture of integrity, trust and transparency
Client Service
Providing Our Client With
  • Price transparency
  • On-site trading
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Full back-office support from operations team
  • Consolidated billing (BC & AB)
  • Access to market intelligence and fundamentals
Market Intelligence
Portfolio Approach
For qualified Commercial and Industrial clients our origination staff can design a portfolio blending in Fixed price and index pricing to deliver the right amount of market exposer and safety you need to achieve your goals. Contact US to find out more about how Access can help manage your energy costs and help you achieve your budgeting goals.
Cash/Spot Market
Seasonal (Summer/Winter)
1 to 5 Year Terms
Transport Swaps to Receipt Hubs
Station 2
5A (Daily AECO)
7A (Month Ahead)
Dawn Daily Index
NYMEX Last Day Settle
Ontario Market Tracker