Structured Products
Our competitive wholesale pricing options allow you to price your supply in a manner that is consistent with your individual risk tolerance and budget objectives. With Access, you can choose from full price certainty for a one to five year term with our fixed price plan, or opt for some market exposure via an index based price plan. All of our programs are designed to let you mitigate your natural gas price risk appropriately and keep objectives in line with specific organizational policies.
Fixed Price
This product eliminates market uncertainty and protects your budget by locking in your commodity price for 1 to 5 years. Customers best suited for a fixed price plan are those whose operations will be significantly affected by a commodity price swing of 15% or greater. Typically these are organizations with fixed budgets whose cost of natural gas is a significant component of their total operating cost.
Index Price
This product allows you to “Float Now, Fix Later”. Index products follow the gas market up or down, but also allows you the option of “fixing” your gas price at a later date for the remainder of your term. If you are uncertain about current price levels and want to float with the market initially or for the longer term, this is your best option. The best analogy to describe this product is a “variable rate mortgage”.
Blended Price
This product allows you to fix the price on a percentage of your full load volume while allowing the remainder to float with the market. Similar to our index product, this program allows you the option of “fixing” the floating percentage at a later date for the remainder of the term.