“Over the last three years Costco has relied on Access Gas to provide natural gas supply and management services to our wholesale/retail warehouses in British Columbia and Alberta. Our dedicated account manager at Access Gas provides us with informative and timely advice that allows Costco to take advantage of pricing opportunities as they arise. The invoices and reports we receive are easy to understand and, most importatnly, they are transparent. I highly recommend Access Gas to anyone looking for a robust energy partner.”   Shay Reed-Energy Buyer, Costco Wholesale
“As a large user of natural gas in our hot dip galvanizing process, DJ Galvanizing requires a gas company that is committed and dedicated to our needs. Access Gas Inc. has met this challenge and has been instrumental in providing market insight, pricing strategies, reports and account management.”   G. Toldo-Senior Buyer, DJ Galvanizing Limited Partnership
“Staying up to date and well informed with the happenings of the energy markets is vital to the success of cost savings strategies. My account manager at Access Gas Services consistently provides me with market updates and recommendations that support my budgeting needs. This value added service enables me to discuss energy opportunities with strata councils in a timely manner.”   Don Dingman – Vice President Strata Division, Martello Property Services Inc.
“Controlling variable costs is extremely important to the owners of the various strata’s that we manage. Through AGS, we have managed to cut down on energy costs substantially. Also, AGS’s billing is so transparent and easy to understand. Their billing is strictly based on Terasen’s meter readings, not on estimates or adjustments. I never have to worry about hidden costs or other cost adjustments.”   Brian Carleton, Senior Property Manager, Colyvan Pacific Real Estate Management Services Ltd.
“As a property management company that handles over 30,000 units, it is of the utmost importance to deal with a natural gas brokerage company who can provide flexible products, competitive pricing and quality advice. I have been a client of Access Gas Services Inc. for just over one year. In that timeframe my dedicated natural gas broker has saved me $9, 260.59 on my natural gas bill. Working with them has been easy, without complications and extremely beneficial.”   Leo Buonassisi, Strata Manager, Baywest Management Corp, Strata Plan NW1799
“AGS was extremely quick in getting my target rate to fix my price in accordance with my budget. Their agility and straight forward approach has made them extremely easy and beneficial to work with.”   Robert Benn, Chief Engineer, The Fairmont Vancouver Airport
“I currently have 4 of our Kodak locations on an AGS product. By embracing an AGS program I have been able to reduce my total costs. Working with AGS has been an extremely advantageous alternative.”   Mr. Torben Nelson, Facilities Manager, Kodak Graphic Communications Canada Company
“I have 8 sites within Canada that are supplied by Access Gas Services Inc. Their strategy was innovative, and their flexible products allowed me to take advantage of current pricing while they continued to monitor the market for future opportunities. With numerous invoices to review on a daily basis, it is important that they are easy to understand. AGS’s billing is transparent with no room for misinterpretation. Overall, AGS’s combination of knowledge and hedging abilities has made them a valuable partner in our energy purchasing process.”   IKEA Properties Limited